We succeed when they succeed.


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Students / Alumni

When we were growing up, we competed with the kid around the block.
Today, it’s the kid around the world.

Black Rocket provides children of all abilities with exciting programs that foster the innovative skills necessary to compete in an increasingly technologically-driven global society.

Not only do our students learn, they actually have fun.

Here’s what a few can tell you…

Student in ’03/Masters  in ’11

Student in ’02/Success in ’11

Founder in '01/College in '12

Student in ’05/Staff in ’10

Student in ’02/College in ’11


Parents face a mind-numbing choice when it comes to their child’s education, enrichment and yes, even “free” or “play” time.  Some see tomorrow with concern.  Others question the pervasiveness of today’s technology.  At Black Rocket, we’re parents too.  We see a tomorrow filled with opportunity.  We are here to help prepare your child for the most exciting time ahead.  A world once we could only dream of is closer than most can imagine.

To us, technology is not a friend or an enemy.  It is simply a tool.  We are not interested in what children passively take from a computer.  To us, it’s about what your child puts into the computer.


A lot of Moms (and their kids) have been with us for a while.  Michelle was so happy with her son Jake’s experience at Black Rocket, she brought her son Matt to us as well!  Why? Our professional staff, emphasis on “fun” and dedication to respect and dignity.  The boys came for a summer, then another.  Now their future is rising as they ready for a career in the U.S.’s No. 1 growing industry, Video Game Design.


Lin’s son, Trevor, was a little under the age of 11 when he first came to Black Rocket, but he always thought big.  Today, he’s on his way to one of the country’s leading universities.  Lin shares her story here, in tandem with Trevor.  Visit him on our Student Success Page!


When Rebecca stepped into the first full Black Rocket Lightz! Camera! Action! summer enrichment program, no one, including us, really knew what to expect.  It was a radical idea at the time; teaching professional, college-level concepts to eight year olds with cutting-edge technology in one week.  All of our students ambitiously met their challenges.  At the front of the class, Monday through Friday, was Rebecca.  She offered real solutions — solutions that we still use today because they worked then and they work now.  Today, Rebecca is one of our newest staff Rocketeers!  Her Mom, Lisa, tells us what sets scholarship winner, Rebecca, apart, and that we helped.


Linda – Community Partner

What’s it like to work with Black Rocket if you are a school, college or other community-based organization?

Linda, the Program Director at one of New Jersey’s leading community colleges has seen plenty of “vendors” come and go.  To Linda, Black Rocket, as a partner, in her words is “a home run!”  “Every Monday, I have a worry list, but Black Rocket is never on it.”

Maggie – Community Partner

There are many small towns across America.  Middletown, with 75,000 plus people, may be the biggest “small town” in the United States. With a vibrant and diverse population, Middletown has kids with various backgrounds and interests.  The Middletown Arts Center serves them all with a creative list of programs.  At the center of The Middletown Arts Center is Maggie.  Maggie is a woman who does it all … and then some.  When Black Rocket reaches higher, it is often with her.

Ellen – Lender

For a fast-growing start-up like Black Rocket, cash flow is what propels us forward.  Even though we have served over 10,000 kids and have created hundreds of jobs, finding money is a full-time job.   As a state-wide economic resource, Ellen helped the company get to the next level — all from a sound footing for her and for Black Rocket Productions.